Optigrafic Mats

#Manufacturer inhouse

Jet printed mats

Optigrafic Mats

It is a fully personalized mat. They can include the logo of a company along with any other comment.

Maximum 6 colours (background colour included) chosen in the range of the 43 standard Optigrafic colours.

The computer-controlled process allows accurately reproducing detailed logos. For the letter types, the letters have to be fat and must present the same thickness. The letters must also be at least 8 cm high. From a document, a logo, a sticker or a letterhead, we realise a fully personalised mat.

The book Optigrafic shows all the different colours with which your mat can be produced.

Available Sizes.

60cm x 85cm
75cm x 85cm
80cm x 120cm
85cm x 150cm
85cm x 300cm
120cm x 180cm


120cm x 200cm
120cm x 240cm
150cm x 200cm
150cm x 250cm
150cm x 300cm


Made to measure
Requiring extra charge
a) max 2, 40 x 5,5 m
b) max. 2 x 10 m



Your name can be printed on the edge or on the mat backing.


Claw Sole

The mat backing is fitted with tiny grips which increase stability on mats.( max 2m x 3m)



- Insertion of electronic integrated circuits in the mat backing.

- Inscription of a code made up with letters and numbers.



Quickdry The mat backing features micro- perforations to increase the rate of water evacuation during spin-drying, thus making drying easier and even unnecessary.