Cotton Mats

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Cotton Mats

This mat has a high water retention capacity: more than 6 litres per m².

Its disadvantages include the mechanical weakness of its fibres since they are discontinuous and twisted. Moreover, as cotton is a natural fibre, it can be chemically damaged by acids and by fungi (mould). Washing and drying cotton mats is also more expensive than in the case of synthetic mats.

On the other hand, some people demand the retention capacity of cotton and many companies are still offering them to their customers.

Cotton mats are still unbeatable for water retention ! In order to reduce the cost of drying cotton mats (and also all our other types of mats), Bartex advises using the Quickdry sole option (= invisible star-shaped small holes throughout the surface of the rubber) that allows the water to run out when spin-drying. This reduces drying time in a spin-dryer by 30%.

Available Sizes.

60cm x 85cm
75cm x 85cm
80cm x 120cm
85cm x 150cm
85cm x 300cm
120cm x 180cm


120cm x 200cm
120cm x 240cm
150cm x 200cm
150cm x 250cm
150cm x 300cm


Made to measure
Requiring extra charge
a) max 2, 40 x 5,5 m
b) max. 2 x 10 m




Your name can be printed on the edge or on the mat backing.


Claw Sole

The mat backing is fitted with tiny grips which increase stability on mats.( max 2m x 3m)



- Insertion of electronic integrated circuits in the mat backing.

- Inscription of a code made up with letters and numbers.



Quickdry The mat backing features micro- perforations to increase the rate of water evacuation during spin-drying, thus making drying easier and even unnecessary.